Friday, 3 April 2009


Here I didn't print out enough backing paper so I cut it in three and put ribbon on the top and bottom of each strip and I think it worked really well.

Just cute dogies gonna for a drive

Lovely dress decoupage with laser cut behind and a matching box

This is how it looks inside. From the decoupage I saved a layer and used it inside.

The backing paper is a bit of cheat. I used wallpaper.


  1. Such lovely cards .. and your blog is looking fab . well done you x

  2. Lovely cards welcome to the world of blogging you'll soon get the hang of it

  3. some lovely cards Ildiko, your blog is coming along will soon be as addicted as we are.
    take your time and look at others blog they will give you lots of ideas of way that you can play with your blog to put your own style into it, you have a good style in card making so it wont be long before you will want to put your own personality onto you blog look
    thanks for becoming a follower of my blog, i am now following yours.
    If you need any help send me a PM from crafters companion Forum.
    enjoy your ATC swaps tomorrow.
    chat soon, welcome to blog land

  4. Didnt know you had a blog Ildiko, it is lovely and your cards are great.
    Tina xx

  5. your cards are lovely ildiko!

  6. Just popped on to say I've left you something on my blog oh and great cards by the way
    Pat xx